Welcome !

              DARALIVE is the main distributor of Schorm products in Romania.

          "Easy. Sure. Robust. High Quality. Timeless. No injuries from broken glass. Unbreakable. Exclusive. Stylish. Environment friendly.
          Dimensionally stable. Highly transparent. Lighter weight than glass. Place save up.

          Quality to the highest degree. 

          The focus of our company is quality and customer satisfaction. In many terms, from the start of production to shipping, we control 
          the quality of the products. A good price level, and competence staff ready to complete our main aim: quality!

          The products are made of plastic, stackable, lightweight, durable, food safe, reusable, dishwasher suitable, printable, and can 
          hardly distinguish from glass. Layout in crystal clear or in "partly frosted optic".

          Plastic cups made of SAN are reusable and fragile only under violence.

          Suitable for any beverage at all events, in the bar, on the festival tent, in the garden, poolside, at home, in play school, in school, 
          at the spa and the hotel spa and more.

          We like to inform you about the possibilities how to place your advertising by printed logo on the glasses."  

              Also, DARALIVE offers you a wide range of clothing for men, women and children.  

              You can get discounts, depending on the number of ordered pieces. If you want more details, do not hesitate to contact us.